Tips For The Restaurant Industry

As a college student, you're probably short on cash with free time to spare. Finding a part-time job especially with
coffee prepared using coffee machine
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a barista? What do they do - barista job description? How
Every server’s goal is to earn more tips. No server is getting rich off their hourly wage. Instead of lamenting
Restaurants aren’t known for offering job benefits or perks. It’s difficult when profit margins for the industry are often less
colorful food truck
More than 60% of restaurants fail within a year of opening. Do you think food trucks do better? Not really.
Restaurant guests have a big impact on how a server’s day goes. Like with other service jobs, there are bad
The cooking game genre has exploded in recent years, with dozens of phone and PC games popping up. Most games
Looking for a job? Read job posts carefully and watch for warning signs.
Some restaurants will hire a server based on simple interview questions such as, “Do you have experience?” or “Can you
Food safety is one of the most important issues a restaurant kitchen has to consider. Unsafe handling of food can
“Sometimes you meet people who change your life for the better. Those people are bartenders.” If you love to talk
man cutting veggies with chef knife
Do you need a quality chef’s knife, but you’re on a budget? No problem. We’ve put together a list of